West of Vallekilde is a 2D sideview, one-screen simulation of a Western Stand-off, played against friends. Both players are presented with an array of buttons, the one to flawlessly press all his buttons first, wins the round.

Setting the Scene Two rivals find themselves face to face in an old western town. There's a deadly silence until, in a split second, guns are drawn and fired.

West of Vallekilde was devoloped as a study in Game Feel, and the scope is centered around a simple mechanic - with the possibility of further development and add-ons.

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Music By: Ross Bugden

Made withUnity
Tags2D, 2-player, simple, Western

Development log


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Interesting idea and I appreciate your work. I guess that with a little bit of polish and a multiplayer feature this would make a really fun game. :D

Hello Emy149

Thanks for taking an interest in the game! It is always nice to get other's opinions ;D By multiplayer I suppose you mean an online feature? - if so that, i feel like, is always a hassle programming wise.. heh heh  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). As for the polish, i definitely hear you. The characters are something that im not all that happy about - were there anything else that stood out to you, if I might ask? :D

Yeah, sure! Ok, first, I think that a good improvement would be to shot a bullet whenever the player finishes to type the letters, because is kinda weird that you shoot 5 bullets and each one of them is a miss and only the 6th one kills the enemy :D. Another thing that is pretty weird is if you shoot with only one player but miss some letters and you don't shoot with the other player at all. Then the player who didn't shoot wins. I guess in that case it would be more intuitive that the result would be a draw, and also some kind of time pressure would be good to avoid haing endless matches :).

And another advice would be to work work work. Play a lot of games and analyze them, see in which way they are good or bad, get a lot of inspiration. Also, a good idea would be to browse itch.io and review games.

And also, focus on giving the player a lot of feedback, visual or audio. Help the player understand the game. What resource I can recommend to you is Mark Brown's Youtube channel, He talks a lot about game theory.

This is definitely useful information, thank you for taking the time reviewing my game! :D I'll look into fixing the issues that you speak of.

ps. I took the liberty of playing your game Line Runnr (70.0 score ;) - perhaps you would be interested in another game that I made: https://corpas.itch.io/double-dogde with a similar concept. Feel free to not play and review it - I don't want to completely abuse your reviewing powers if you dont want to xD